Who am I? A question I strive to find the answer to every day of my life. For starters, my name is Jessica Kenney. But as I continue along my life’s journey, that last name doesn’t hold the true character of the product of my raising… So, I’m changing my last name to Adams, which is my mom’s maiden name. I feel this step is what needs to happen next on my journey to accept and reveal a new Truth about myself. Naturally, a child has a mother and a father… but I believe I was always meant to just be my mom’s. In my eyes, she could be a Queen sitting high on top of the world. In her eyes, she already is. She says her greatest accomplishment was being my mom.

Who am I? A wanderer searching for adventure and beauty, an advocate standing for equality and kindness, a woman longing to be desired and irreplaceable, a songwriter/artist hungry for inspiration to express myself through transparency and to be heard. I write songs for people who need a friend, who need to be understood, who need to release pain they’re holding onto… On the other hand, I also write songs so I can find a friend, so I can be understood, so I can release pain that I’m holding onto.

I learned the other day that only 3% of the people in this world actually understand the human body. That’s how unbelievably complex and powerful our bodies are. When we tear a muscle, that muscle comes back bigger and tougher than what it was originally. Just like our muscles, the more broken we become, the tougher we have to be! In this world you get knocked left and you get knocked right and it’s important to stand up and say, “I got this! This is my world! I can do whatever I want! That’s what makes a Champion!” That’s what one of my songs talks about – it’s called “Champion” and it’s my anthem.

I am Jess Kellie Adams.