New Day.  Evolving Path.  Facing My Truth.

Texas-born, Ohio-raised and Nashville-living, Jess Kellie Adams is an artist/songwriter whose mission is to share her life and learnings through honest story telling. Jess has a loving, positive, and honest approach to her songwriting and performance that draws in a crowd. The diversity in the music and the approach to each song delivers a unique experience for the audience. Jess’ music is creative, bold, fearless and raw in emotion. She creates a journey for the audience that ranges from heartbreaks and love to positivity and independence.

All songs are co-written by Jess and are an honest reflection of who she is as a person/artist. Jess’ music ranges from a high energy inspirational anthem, “Champion” which describes the will to fight back when life knocks you down to an urban country feeling “Knocking Doors” urging listeners to take chances in life. Jess continues with the introduction of a modern twist on old country with “Dear Daisy” that encourages the listener to find the beauty they have within. She continues with the soulful styling of “Play House”. “Play House” reflects independence and living a life that you are meant to live. “Confetti” urges the listener to have faith and trust the path and signs that are in front of them. “U Turn” and “Your Word Is Mine” are two beautifully written modern ballads.

Raised in Ohio, Jess has entertained at many fairs and festivals across the United States. She has performed in shows including national artists: John Michael Montgomery, Billy Ray Cyrus, Julianne Hough, Kip Moore, and Josh Thompson. Jess won a singing contest in Renfro Valley, KY where she opened for Daryl Singletary. Her inspiration has always been country music ever since she and her grandpa would listen for hours to the radio. As an artist she’s grown up with Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, and Willy Nelson making her a very old soul with a very new edge. Jess’ songwriting started at a very young age through the writing of stories, which organically turned into lyrics as she grew older.

“I played wherever I could – I was thrown out of my first bar at 15 years old. That sounds kind of bad, but my mom was the one to take me because they had karaoke and I wanted to sing,” Jess says. “I entered an 18 and over singing competition when I was 16 because I wanted to entertain. My mom took me there as well and my grandparents went every week. I think they questioned their parenting abilities a few times because I was in a bar singing on top of a pool table. Haha! But it was a blast! I made the top 4 but was eliminated when my true age was revealed.” Jess continues.

Jess moved to Nashville at the age of 19 leaving behind a steady weekly tour schedule to pursue Entertainment Industry Studies and Music Business at Belmont University. She continues to focus on her songwriting and developing strong relationships with other industry and music business professionals. Taking songs that she has written and that are authentic to her and sharing them in hopes of helping others is what music is about for Jess.