Jess Kellie Adams is just about the most passionate performer I’ve ever seen. Her love of the music and her desire to touch the hearts of her audience immediately shows from the moment she picks up her guitar and starts belting out a tune. Jess’ own compositions are deeply personal, and yet we can all relate in our own way. That connection with the audience is what Jess seeks and finds in every song. Jess is just about the most infectious performer out there. People love her. We love her. And when we’ve had Jess at our station events and concerts, she’s always knocked ’em dead.

– Dave Woodward, Program Director
New Country 92.1 The Frog



New Day. Evolving Path. Facing My Truth.

Texas-born, Ohio-raised and Nashville-living, Jess Kellie Adams is an artist/songwriter whose mission is to share her life and learnings through honest story telling. Jess has a loving, positive, and honest approach to her songwriting and performance that draws in a crowd. The diversity in the music and the approach to each song delivers a unique experience for the audience. Jess’ music is creative, bold, fearless and raw in emotion. She creates a journey for the audience that ranges from heartbreaks and love to positivity and independence.